La Grappa di Gigiò is a smooth and harmonious grappa tasting of its origins, the sangiovese grape pomace from the Poggio La Noce vineyard. Distillation occurs in bain-marie discontinuous pot still, in a small batch over a long period of time, to help preserve the fragrance of the fruit.

Additional Details

Type of Distilled Product: Grappa di Sangiovese.

Area of grape production: The grape pomace used for the distillation of this grappa, is obtained from the grapes cultivated at the Poggio La Noce estate.

Varietals: Sangiovese

Method of distillation: Grappa is distilled from the pressed grape skins after fermentation, known as pomace. For the Grappa di Gigiò, we use the grape skins of our sangiovese. The pomace is heated in a double boiler type vessel or “bain-marie” still, causing steam/vapor to rise and later to condense back to liquid.

Ageing: The grappa ages for 6 months in steel and another 6 months in bottle.

Bottles Produced: 1000 bottles of 500 ml.

Alcohol: 42% vol.

Tasting notes: Crystal clear color. To the nose, this grappa offers delicate scents of flowers, pear, dried raisins and white pulp fruit. In the mouth, the taste is clean, harmonious and impressively smooth.

Grappa Data Sheet