Ejià, our Vin Santo del Chianti DOC, Occhio di Pernice, is a wine with golden caramel color, incredible lush sweetness, intensely aromatic flavors and a long velvety finish. This desert wine is so delicious that one is almost reluctant to dip into it the traditional Tuscan biscotti.

Additional Details

Vineyard: Castelfiorentino (FI).

Elevation: 550 feet

Orientation: South - South West facing

Vineyard Size: 1.5 acres

Average age of the vines: 25 years old

Soil: Predominantly calcareous marl with abundant rock fragments.

Training System: Spur cordon

Varietals: Sangiovese, with a small percentage of Malvasia

Harvest: Beginning of October, manual harvest.

Fermentation: After harvest the grapes are laid out on matts to “appassire” or “dry out” for 4 months. They are then pressed and left to ferment naturally in small wooden casks named “caratelli”.

Ageing: In oak caratelli for 5 years.

Bottles Produced: 1000 bottles of 375 ml.

Alcohol: 14%

Potential Cellaring: Easily 10-15 years

Tasting notes: Golden caramel color, with scents of mature fruit, dried fruit and oriental spices. In the mouth it shows great concentration, with deep and velvety sweetness, offering a never-ending finish and great complexity suggesting a lengthy ageing potential.

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