Olive Oil


We produce an Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the highest quality and purity. This is due to the serious production process and exceptional terroir. Our land yields an extra virgin olive oil with unmatched low acidity, absolutely vital for a smooth and fragrant product.

Our 1500 olive trees are cared for solely with certified organic products. All the pruning and harvesting is done by hand. The olives are picked as their color starts to turn (green to black), which is considered the optimal state of ripeness, when the polyphenols are at their highest levels.

The olives are pressed right away after being picked that same day, thus reducing the risk of oxidation. Cold press takes place right here at the estate using our small but modern olive press.

We cultivate three varietals: Fantoio, Leccino and Moraiolo. When blended together they produce an oil, which is extremely fragrant and intense yet smooth, with aromas of artichokes, freshly cut grass and almonds.